For the past several months, I’ve been wanting to get this blog started up again, but a really bad case of imposter syndrome and my perfectionist tendencies have kept me from just diving in.

Honestly, it feels strange and scary to pick back up where I left off a few years ago. Blogging and content creation have changed a ton since four years ago.

But, I know it won’t get any easier the longer I wait, so I’m just going to jump in again! With that said, there seems like no better time than now to put some goals out there in the universe. We’ve got a lot of things we’d love to accomplish in our home this year, so let’s take a look at what’s on the plan.

1. Laundry Room Refresh

Some paint, wall paper, a few shelves, and some functional decor pieces will make this a great first project in which to dip our toes back in. I shared the laundry room makeover plans in this mood board.

2. Living Room Update

For the past several months, the living room has been used mostly for our vintiques booth inventory storage. It will be so nice to be able to sit down and visit with company again once all the clutter is moved out. I’ve got plans for a wall treatment, new light fixture, plus a new rug and other decor. I scored some gorgeous Restoration Hardware Lyon chairs from the thrift store a couple weeks ago, and I’m ready to bring the rest of the room up to their level.

3. Backyard Overhaul

Our backyard is the most neglected space, by far. Between the grass not wanting to grow, the dog’s tracking dirt everywhere, and the horrendous mosquitos in the summer, it’s easy to see why this place is our least favorite spot to congregate. We’re hoping that some new landscaping and a few additions to the deck will turn this space around.

4. Powder Room Refresh

Our downstairs powder room could use a bit of a face lift. Right now it’s just a boring little room that is begging for some pizazz. I love powder rooms that make a statement. Small but mighty is the direction I’m leaning for this space. Also, the cereal bowl sink has got to go!

5. Staircase Spiff-Up

Let’s not forget the stairs. Right now they are a dark, dreary sea of brown, calling for light and brightness. I see some paint, a runner, and hopefully some type of wall treatment in their future. I’m super excited about this one!

6. Front Entry & Hallway

This space is cramped and is in dire need of some storage solutions. We don’t have a lot of room to work with, but I think with some paint, an eye-catching wall treatment, plus a new rug, this space will be easy to transform.

7. Main Bathroom Makeover

The main bathroom is one of the hardest working rooms in our house. It’s the only full size bathroom, and with four people, it needs some major storage updates. Once again, cereal bowl sink needs to go. Paint would do wonders and new decor always helps to freshen up a space.

8. Our Bedroom

Our room is the most finished room in the house, but I’ve had the same decor for a few years, and I’m itching for some updates. New paint and an accent wall treatment behind the bed are in store. A new dresser, updated closet doors, and new bedding are also in the plans.

9. Kitchen Makeover

We’ve saved the kitchen for one of the last rooms to touch because it’s going to be a beast. The cabinets have seen better days and the backsplash is totally wrong for the current color scheme. Paint, shelving, and new lighting round out our plans for this room. By the end of this makeover this space will be totally unrecognizable, and I. Am. Ecstatic.

10. Dining Nook

Technically, this will be an extension of the kitchen makeover since the dining “room” is just a little nook off to the side. A new light fixture, new paint, and another window seat revamp will update this space nicely.

We’ve got lots of DIYs and other content planned in addition to the reveals of each of these rooms. I’m excited to get back to DIYing and decorating.


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