She always seems to be at her craziest in the middle of the night. I don’t know what it is about everyone being asleep and it being really quiet, but that seems to be the time of day she decides to go on her rampage. I’m talking about my son’s kitten, of course. Sofia? Sofie? Kitten? Oh, wait. He finally decided on Kika for her name. If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen her make an appearance from time to time. Aww. There she is.


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Well, little Kika has some nocturnal tendencies. My poor son frequently complains about her interrupting his sleep because she sits in the window sill, batting away at the cord handles from the blinds. Finally, after realizing that she wasn’t going to grow out of her kitten behaviors any time soon, I decided enough was enough and headed to Lowe’s to find a suitable replacement.

I love the look of wood blinds but not the price. I was so glad to find that they carried a wide selection of gorgeous choices for faux wood blinds. I browsed through all of my options but was really intrigued by the Levolor® Custom Size Now Premium Faux Wood Cordless Blinds. Cordless blinds and shades are “Safer for pets & Children” due to no dangling cords and provide a clean easy look to your room. Safe and aesthetically pleasing? Perfect!

Levolor® Premium Faux Wood Cordless Blinds | LITTLE RED BRICK HOUSE
Levolor® Premium Faux Wood Cordless Blinds | LITTLE RED BRICK HOUSE
Levolor® Premium Faux Wood Cordless Blinds | LITTLE RED BRICK HOUSE

I played around with the display to get a feel for how the blinds operated and I’ve got to say that I was really impressed. Since there are no annoying cords dangling you simply pull or push gently on the bottom of the blinds to raise or lower them. How easy is that? I know that is a feature that my son will appreciate and I will feel so much more at ease knowing that he’s not wrangling with a long bunch of cords. Not to mention, Kika has nothing to bat around anymore! Success!!

Levolor® Premium Faux Wood Cordless Blinds | LITTLE RED BRICK HOUSE

Custom Size Now blinds and shades can only be found only at Lowe’s and can be taken home today! They are cut for free in-store on Levolor® exclusive blind cutting machines which allows for the product to be cut in up to 5 minutes for easy same-day take home. Just bring in your window opening measurements for the helpful Lowe’s associate.

Levolor® Premium Faux Wood Cordless Blinds | LITTLE RED BRICK HOUSE

You guys, my blinds were literally cut in just 5 minutes. It took me longer to pick out the ones I wanted. I grabbed my freshly cut blinds and headed home to install and try them out. Stay tuned for a reveal of which ones I chose and to see how we operate them with ease. 

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  1. Aww poor little guy. Hope the blinds make everything better for him now. I’m excited to see your follow up of them!

  2. Your kitten is too cute! We have cats too and it’s so annoying when they play with the cords. Your poor son not getting any sleep.. Looking forward to seeing which blind you picked out!

  3. Brilliant! Way to outsmart your kitty. We have a nocturnal guinea pig, so I can relate, although at least she can’t get out of her cage to play with the cords.

  4. Awww what a cute cat! I totally get the cat playing with the cords issue. I had almost completely forgotten about that! I’m sure kika will find other things to play with now that there is no cord to flick anymore!

  5. Oh, what was it like to get a full night’s rest (before kids and pets?) — I honestly don’t remember! 🙂 We have a nocturnal hamster who decides that running on his wheel has to happen at 1am too. But I love your kitten, SO cute! Can’t wait to see the final product and hopefully your kitty finds something else to play with overnight!

    1. Oh goodness! I remember how loud our guines pigs were when I was a kid. The things we put up with for our fur babies. 🙂

  6. Hopefully, your kitty won’t find another way to keep your son awake … ha ha;) I’m looking forward to seeing how they look!

  7. Kika is adorable! She will be upset that she has no more cords to play with! lol Can’t wait to see the blinds!

  8. Sarah, I am so excited to see the finished results of your Levelor install! I too have kitties and I understand the disturbances in the middle of the night when they are very active! 🙂

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