I love trying out new DIY projects that I find on Pinterest. Some of them turn out beautifully. And others? Well, not so much. I’m sure all of us DIYers have had a few Pinterest “fails” but at least we have the guts to try new things. That’s got to count for something, right?

A while ago I pinned this DIY wooden doormat and I’ve just recently gotten around to giving it a go. I did some things a bit different, but I must say I am quite pleased with how it turned out.

DIY Wooden Doormat

DIY Wooden Doormat Tools & Materials:

How to Make a DIY Wooden Doormat:

Step 1: Cut Your Boards to Size

First, I cut two 1x2x6s into slats. Mine were leftover from another project so I just cut them to a length I thought looked good and gave me the most bang for my leftover-project-wood buck. They measure about 18 inches. That gave me 11 slats.

cut 1x2 slats

Step 2: Apply a Coat of Pre-Stain

Next, I used a pre-stain so the wood would take my stain evenly.

Prep your wood

Step 3: Apply a Coat of Wood Stain

After the pre-stain dried (about 10 minutes) I wiped off any excess and then applied my favorite stain, Rustoleum in Kona. I only used one coat because it’s such a rich stain. I wiped off the excess stain and then let that that dry completely.

Add Your Stain

Step 4: Drill the Holes

Next, I drilled holes with a drill bit through each end of the slats so that the string could be threaded through. I doubled up on my hemp string and double knotted before and after every board.  Be sure to pull your knots tight so that your mat doesn’t become loose and wobbly over time. You could use a thin rope for this part also. I just happened to have some leftover hemp string on hand.

Drill Holes & Thread String

Step 5: Personalize It

I loved the idea of adding a personal touch with the lettering. So, I printed out a big ‘C’ (first letter of our last name) onto some card stock and then cut it out with an X-acto knife. Then, I taped it to the mat and carefully painted in the stencil with a sponge tipped brush.

Personalize It

Step 6: Apply a Coat of Polycrylic

I knew that this mat would get a lot of traffic since, well, it’s a doormat. So, I went ahead and slapped on a few coats of polycrylic.

Protect It

After everything dried I placed the mat in front of the front door and tried it out. Perfect!

Wooden Mat Collage Final

I can proudly put this project into the Pinterest “success” bag.

Have you been brave enough to try any of your Pinterest pins? If so, what did you make and how did it turn out?


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    1. Hi there! Yes, I think if you put enough coats of poly on (3 to 4) it will hold up well. You could just give it a rinse with the hose if it gets too muddy. Ours has held up nicely from this abnormally wet winter. Hope that helps. And thanks for commenting!

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