I remember growing up, my grandparents would always make holiday decorations by cutting out shapes from wood and then hand painting them. They created all sorts of little characters and signs and would display them proudly in the front yard. They even rigged up spotlights to illuminate them so that they could be seen at all hours. While working on this project, I realized that I definitely inherited their DIY gene. 😉

I’m not really into gorey or themey decor, so you won’t find any zombies or ghosts at my place. I do love black cats, though, so I decided to make my own black cat silhouettes. Maybe it’s my crazy cat lady thing. I love projects that can be made with materials that you already have on hand. This one was so easy and I was able to complete it in an afternoon.

Wooden Black Cat Halloween Decor | LITTLE RED BRICK HOUSE

I free-handed the outline of each cat silhouette on a scrap piece of 1×12.

Wooden Black Cat Halloween Decor | LITTLE RED BRICK HOUSE

Then I had my hubby cut them out with the jigsaw because I am quite fond of my fingers and he is always happy to display his manliness at any opportunity.

Wooden Black Cat Halloween Decor | LITTLE RED BRICK HOUSE

I painted them black with DecoArt Americana Decor Chalk Paint in the color Carbon. I brushed it on with a small sponge tipped brush. I like the way that the finish isn’t solid black and that you can still see the brush strokes.

Wooden Black Cat Halloween Decor | LITTLE RED BRICK HOUSE


Wooden Black Cat Halloween Decor | LITTLE RED BRICK HOUSE

Wooden Black Cat Halloween Decor | LITTLE RED BRICK HOUSE

Wooden Black Cat Halloween Decor | LITTLE RED BRICK HOUSE

Wooden Black Cat Halloween Decor | LITTLE RED BRICK HOUSE

This was such a quick and easy project (my favorite!). Stay tuned for more Halloween decor and my Halloween front porch reveal.

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  1. These guys are so cute! I have a black kitty at home and I’m sure it’d be an ego boost for him to have some carbon copies proudly displayed in front of our house! 😉

  2. I’m not a fan of the gory, gross things of Halloween either. These have just the right amount of Halloween spirit without being scary or disgusting! I love your whole display with the hay and pumpkins.

  3. I second you on the “keeping your fingers” part. I have a slight fear of power tools since my brother in law is missing a few of his from using them! Super cute cats!

  4. you are a genius!! i literally just got back from the farm stand with my hay and pumpkins and am just staring at how plain my set up looks. Your set up is adorable! I am definitely going to try to do this 😉

  5. Aw, so cute, Sarah! I love that this is sort of a tribute to your grandpa. I also love that your husband will help you with the power tools! Every time I ask my husband he’s like “Ugh. Blah. Ugh. Grrr. OK well you have to learn how to do this.” Really? Do I? 🙂

    1. Thanks, Bre! Sometimes it does take some prodding to get him to help. 🙂 But he knows I’m a big weenie when it comes to saws and sharp things. I’m getting better, though!

  6. Super Cute, Sarah! I am not really into gorey decor either, this fits my style! Love it!

    1. Thanks, Tara! Maybe it’s the inner designer inside of us. Always wanting everything to look good, LOL.

    1. Thanks so much, Amy! I was going to paint them all the way but then I realized that it looked kinda cool with the strokes. Love it when my plans change like that!

  7. These are fun. My husband likes cat art more than even I do! (He loves his kitties.) And I’m with you on the keeping fingers thing. I want to use the saw, but I need to buck up some more!

    1. LOL, Karisa! How are we supposed to create amazing things without those trusty fingers? 😉 That is so cute that your hubby love kitties. He sounds like my husband, LOL!

  8. SUCH a cute idea!!! I always loved the handmade decorations the best growing up! We used to have this GIANT wooden Santa for Christmas that would sit outside our house and everyone used to comment on how cool he was! I can definitely see making a few decorations like this for every holiday … especially when you make it look so easy 😉

    1. Thank you, Kristi! Your Santa sounds really cute! It WAS super easy. I can’t believe I haven’t made any before.

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