Can you guys believe it’s already June?! When did that happen? The year is almost half over. Blows my mind.

Not surprisingly, I’m still working on my living room. Things are moving along in here, albeit at a snail’s pace. But, nevertheless, I am making progress and each week it becomes more and more of what I always dreamed it would be.

So I had my curtains hanging from a flimsy Target curtain rod but I wanted something with a little more interest and heft. Something with an industrial vibe. I love the look of galvanized pipe and fittings for window treatment hardware and knew it would be perfect for the space and my needs. There are tons of tutorials out there for galvanized pipe curtain rods (like the one I followed from Hi Sugarplum!), so I won’t reinvent the wheel with another in-depth tutorial.

Galvanized Pipe Curtain Rod assembled PINTEREST FEATURE

It’s super easy to install. I had someone from Home Depot cut the pipe to the length I needed and re-thread it. I spray painted the pipe and all of the fittings in oil rubbed bronze. Once that dried all I had to do was locate the studs in the wall and screw the flanges (the flat, round disks) in. Then I fastened the nipples (the short, threaded cylindrical pieces) into the flanges.

Galvanized Pipe Curtain Rod wall mount

Once those were secure, I fastened the tees (the T-shaped pieces) onto the nipples, making sure to leave them a little bit loose to accommodate for movement while leveling the pipe. I carefully threaded the pipe through the tees trying hard not to scratch the paint up on the threads from the tees, which, by the way, is pretty much impossible.  You want to make sure your curtains are on the pipe before you thread it through the tees. Then, the last step was to screw the caps on each end of the pipe. If you don’t have dark colored screws you can just darken the silver ones with a black sharpie, like I did.

Galvanized Pipe Curtain Rod assembled WM

Galvanized Pipe Curtain Rod feature 1 WM

Please excuse some of the photos. I was also working on another project in the foyer which required a ton of sanding and the little dots you see in some of the pics are little bits of dust from that.

Galvanized Pipe Curtain Rod Feature 2 WM

I love the industrial look of the pipe and fittings. And because it’s made from heavy duty metal, the rod doesn’t sag in the middle like most store bought rods.

Galvanized Pipe Curtain Rod feature 3 WM

The curtains are the Ritva panels from IKEA and the shades are the Premium Bamboo Shades in Java Vintage from Payless Decor.

Galvanized Pipe Curtain Rod feature 4 WM

What do you think? Do you dig the industrial look? Check back soon because I am working on something crazy good to provide organization in the foyer. See ya next time!

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  1. Sarah, these rods are awesome! I’m a big fan of adding a touch of industrial to any room and these are right in the money! Not to mention curtain rods can get really expensive so this is a great idea! Thanks for the sharpie tip. I would have never thought! Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Thanks, Shonee! I totally agree about the touch of industrial! Which is great for me because I dig the industrial look!

  2. Paint doesn’t stick very good to galvanized. You would like the result better if you used black iron pipe which comes in the same stores and in the same sizes

    1. Thanks for the tip, Tom! I wasn’t aware of the iron pipes! I’ll have to keep them in mind for any future pipe curtain hardware. Thanks!

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