It’s weeks 2 and 3 of the One Room Challenge! See what updates we’ve made to our farmhouse dining room makeover!

Hello and welcome back to week three of our Industrial Farmhouse Dining Room Makeover. Just to quickly recap, for the One Room Challenge we are making over our dining room in only six weeks and sharing all of the progress with you each week. Last time we showed you our design plans for the dining room.

You’re probably wondering where Week Two’s update is. We literally only finished one wall of shiplap that week, which didn’t seem like much of an update, so I decided to roll it into Week Three.

Over the past two weeks we managed to get all of the walls outfitted with shiplap and we framed out the windows to give them a farmhouse look. I shared this little sneak peek on Instagram and you guys were just as excited about the shiplap as I am.

farmhouse dining room makeover

I absolutely LOVE it! The only problem is that I kind of like the natural wood and it’s making me question whether I want to even paint it. I guess we shall wait until the reveal to see the final decision. 🙂

We finished up the walls on the other side of the dining room last week. The shiplap wraps all the way around the dining room to the kitchen where it meets the cabinets.

farmhouse dining room makeover

It was amazing how much taller the room became just from framing out the windows. It instantly draws your eye upward, which is really nice because these ceilings are only eight feet.

Of course, now it’s more obvious which wall we’ll be accenting with brick – the bay windows!! I feel like this wall is the best choice for the brick since it’s smaller and not too overpowering. I really want the space to be bright and I don’t think I could achieve that with a solid wall of brick.

We still have to add the apron at the bottom below the sill and then paint, but I think they look a million times better already. Apparently, so does Gretel.

farmhouse dining room makeover

We’re working on the baseboards as we speak. Those are going to be nice and thick, and eventually we’ll work our way around the whole house to match.

The pantry doors also got a little framing love. At first I was going to just leave the old builder grade framing but my hubby convinced me they’d look better if they were chunky like the baseboards. He was totally right!

farmhouse dining room makeover

It was probably the easiest part of the makeover so far. We’ll be painting the doors soon, so I’m excited to see how that turns out.

That about wraps up our progress thus far. Let’s take a quick look at what we have left on our agenda:

I’m so thrilled and honored to be partnering with these amazing brands to bring my vision to life. They make these projects possible and I am always committed to sharing with you the brands and products that I use and love. All views and opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own and no compensation was provided other than product.

PlushRugs | Sherwin-Williams | Lamps Plus

I can’t wait to share next week’s updates with you! Come back next Thursday for an update of the space.


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